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All teachers at CalmChildren are qualified teachers, DBS checked, insured and first aid qualified. CalmChildren and their staff follow their child protection policy, equal opportunities policy, behaviour policy, inclusion and equality policy. To read any of the policies please contact to receive electronic copies of the policies.

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Importance of Mental Health


Director of CalmChildren: Claire Benson

BA Hons QTS, Qualified Relax Kids Coach

1st Aid Qualified

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The CalmChildren mission is to “Give children and young people the tools and techniques to develop and maintain good mental health. Improving their educational attainment and overall wellbeing.”

CalmChildren guarantees a bespoke Relax Kids program which is delivered by a qualified and experienced teacher. Each teacher is first aid trained, fully insured and CRB checked. CalmChildren delivers the NHS award winning RelaxKids program which is endorsed by OFSTED.

CalmChildren's classes benefit every child.

Each lesson the children learn how to go from a state of high energy, energetic movements to low energy, relaxed and calm. The lessons teach children how to relax by using the 7 step system.

At CalmChildren we teach tools and techniques that help your child gain control of their own emotions, and improve both self-esteem and self-confidence. Children also learn methods to improve and maintain good mental health.

At CalmChildren we believe that prevention is better than cure, so the lessons they learn at CalmChildren will set them up for a bright future.

Hi, I'm Claire Benson. I'm the founder of CalmChildren.

I love working with children and am extremely passionate about their education, health and well-being. I am a full qualified Teacher and have been teaching for over eight years in England and France.

Whilst teaching, I started to see more and more children with distressing behaviours ranging from low confidence and low self-esteem, depression and anxiety to an attempted suicide. I noted these patterns of behaviour in every school I worked in.

My observations across a spectrum of schools with children from all backgrounds and the behaviours I witnessed motivated me to create CalmChildren to provide help.

"I decided to branch out into a field I feel passionately about; children’s wellbeing and positive mental health." Claire Benson BAHons QTS

Children are our next generation. I feel it is essential to instil a sense of calm and teach essential behaviour management techniques to help guide them through life, by teaching behavioural management strategies, building self-esteem and increasing children’s ability to concentrate. Both your child and your school will be the richer for it.

We know that children can engage and make progress with learning if they are both content and focused. Overall attainment and achievement increases if children are able to manage their emotions and stay focused.

I believe, it is as important to take care of the mind as it is to take care of the body. Educating the whole child is paramount. The earlier the better, prevention is better than cure, by adopting a holistic approach to the care and education of the child. Skills taught by CalmChildren are lifelong skills.

My goal for our future generation is to provide the skills to instil self-confidence and self-esteem. The ability to choose how to react appropriately with control of their emotions, kind and caring to themselves and others. I am working to make my goal a reality.

Early intervention will equip children with the tools and techniques to manage their emotions.

Showing them the correct relaxation strategies will help all children. With this mission in mind, I created CalmChildren.


Testimonials and Feedback

"A fun way to get children excited about sharing their feelings and experiences."

Mrs Walker, Parkview Primary school.

"At a time when children’s mental health is so much talked about. CalmChildren really did produce calm children. A wonderful program with huge benefits for the children. Superbly produced by Claire Benson- Thank you."

Mrs J Nairn Head teacher of Bridgewater independent school.

"CalmChildren is the future for teaching children positive mental health tools and techniques."

Mrs Shilton, Class teacher Bridgewater School

"The calming impact of CalmChildren’s lessons on our year 5/6 pupils was remarkable."

Mrs Measor, Chapelfield Primary.

"I personally recommend Claire as a teacher. Relaxing activities are absolutely important for children’s wellbeing and can improve learning skills, overall concentration and efficiency at school. I believe it can improve their relationship with friends and parents."

Dr Giedre Scola

"The children really enjoyed the lesson. I noticed a difference in their calmness when we got back to class. These lessons are going to be great for them!”

Miss S Carey, yr5 teacher Bridgewater School.

"CalmChildren is a brilliant! Children’s wellbeing is prioritised and developed having subsequent positive impacts at home and school.” Dr M way to get children excited about sharing their feelings and experiences."

Mrs Walker, Parkview Primary school.