Director of CalmChildren: Claire Benson

BA Hons QTS, Qualified Relax Kids Coach

1st Aid Qualified

M 07514 805643 T 0161 793 0446


M 07514 805 643 T 0161 793 0446

Ashley Avenue, Manchester M27


All teachers at CalmChildren are qualified teachers, DBS checked, insured and first aid qualified. CalmChildren and their staff follow their child protection policy, equal opportunities policy, behaviour policy, inclusion and equality policy. To read any of the policies please contact to receive electronic copies of the policies.

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Importance of Mental Health



Help Your Child


Be Calm


Focus and Concentrate

Develop their Imagination

Be Creative

Sleep Better

CalmChildren Classes include

Movement & Dance

Drama & Games

Stretching Exercises

Self / Peer Massage

Breathing Exercises

Positive Affirmations

Mindfulness & Relaxation



CalmChildren classes teach children tools and

techniques to develop and maintain good mental health.

Benefits of CalmChildren classes for children are:

Improved, physical health, concentration, focus

Memory, better immune system, Improved, Health and wellbeing, self worth, self esteem,

Positive thinking

Confidence, Self awareness, Feelings of inner- calm,

Relaxed, Happier

Parents / Community




CalmChidren equips your child with tools and

techniques for life. Prevention is better than cure.

Children can attend CalmChildren classes through school

or out of school.

Benefits of CalmChildren classes are:

Children know how to relax.

Improved sleep.

Children are more aware of their emotions.

Children know tools and techniques to manage their own emotions.

Improved social skills and

Communication skills

Improved learning and school

Performance as children have increased concentration, focus and attention.

The Benefits of CalmChildren Classes

Calm Children classes are beneficial for all children using a Bespoke relax kids program.

Lessons are planned around the children's individual needs  and can be linked to current topics.

A CalmChildren’s teacher will teach fun and engaging lessons that teach the children tools and techniques to develop and maintain good mental health.

     Improved learning and school performance by increasing children concentration, focus and attention.

Improves listening skills, social skills and communication skills.

Improves pupils resilience and self-regulation.

Reduction in behavioural problems as children can identify and manage emotions reducing negative thinking and behaviour.

Builds sustainable behaviour management strategies to manage stress and anxiety.

Reduces anxiety, bullying and peer pressure as children are calmer and happier. The relax kids program is Ofsted endorsed and a NHS award winning program.