Director of CalmChildren: Claire Benson

BA Hons QTS, Qualified Relax Kids Coach

1st Aid Qualified

M 07514 805643 T 0161 793 0446


M 07514 805 643 T 0161 793 0446

Ashley Avenue, Manchester M27


All teachers at CalmChildren are qualified teachers, DBS checked, insured and first aid qualified. CalmChildren and their staff follow their child protection policy, equal opportunities policy, behaviour policy, inclusion and equality policy. To read any of the policies please contact to receive electronic copies of the policies.

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Importance of Mental Health


Would you love your child / children to have improved concentration, listening skills, attention span, confidence and self-esteem?

CalmChildren teaches children how to build confidence and self-esteem, learning tools and techniques that will set them up for life.

Those attending the classes will learn skills that they can use every day to:

     •     Develop their self confidence

     •     Manage their moods and emotions

     •     Manage stress and anxiety

     •     Increase their concentration

     •     Relax and improve their sleep

     •     Self soothe

CalmChildren delivers a bespoke relaxkids program which teaches relaxation techniques to help children recognise their strengths and manage their emotional journey through life.  The relaxation techniques provide a toolbox of transferable skills which can be used in later life. If children can learn to be calm under pressure at a young age, this equips them well to cope in their adult life.

CalmChildren supports mental health:

•  Stills, calms and clears the mind

•  Sharpens concentration and focus

•  Improves memory retention

•  Reduces stress and tension

•  Increases positive thinking

•  Stimulates imagination and creativity

CalmChildren supports emotional well-being:

•  Develops self confidence

•  Promotes positivity and self esteem

•  Increases emotional literacy

•  Builds emotional resilience

•  Provides tools to cope with stress and anxiety

•  Increases happiness and optimism

CalmChildren supports physical health:

•  Develops body awareness

•  Improves flexibility and relaxes muscles

•  Decreases physical tension

•  Releases endorphins and calms the nervous system

•  Boosts energy levels and circulation

•  Boosts the immune system and improves sleep

CalmChildren deliver bespoke Relax Kids classes which are different from any other classes as they use a unique combination of mindful games, storytelling and exercises, stretching, breathing, massage combining positive affirmations, visualisations, mindfulness and relaxations. 

The classes allow the child to have fun whilst learning vital life skills that will help them for years to come.

CalmChildren’s classes include these activities:

•     DYNAMIC warm ups and exercises

•     EXCITING games

•     RELAXING stretches

•     CALMING breathing exercises

•     SOOTHING peer massage

•     POSITIVE affirmations

•     CREATIVE visualisations

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